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What Is The CTP Vault And Keys Promo?

Vault & Key Promos

Keys for the CTP Vault and Keys game

In the beginning the Vault & Keys Promo was strictly in house only. It worked by allowing our members to collect keys as they surfed with the keys being used to unlock special vaults where prizes were stored. Each time a vault is opened the member wins a prize and they can open as many vaults as they wish each day.

This proved so popular that other traffic exchange owners bombarded us with requests to let them play too…so we said yes.

With a special Vault & Key package your site is displayed prominently on the front page of CTP and with this game being especially popular with CTP Teams players, it continues to be one of our most popular promos.

This is what one of our two vaults looks like. We have a gold and a silver vault; this is the silver one.

CTP Vault & Keys Game - The Silver Vault

Vault & Keys Promos are offered on a “first come first served” basis and you can see the dates we have currently available by clicking the link below.

View available Promo Days