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What Is The CTP Members Spotlight?

CTP Member Spotlight

The daily CTP Member Spotlight allows your page to be seen by CTP members as soon as they log in to CTP

Everyone who logs into CTP sees your page first and when they have viewed it then they can click a link to take them directly to CTP.

How It Works:

1. You bid for your site (eg your offer, of affiliate splash page, website, opt in form or blog) to get seen in first by CTP members when they log in. The winning Member Spotlight page is shown for a full 24 hours; that is that no matter what time the member logs in during that 24 hour period they will see your page before they can proceed to CTP.

2. Bidding is made using CTP Tokens and the highest bidder is the person who gets their page seen.

3. To make a bid then log into CTP and go here: I Want To Bid For The Member Spotlight

4. On the page that opens, you will be able to see the last six successful Member Spotlight bids (Top Tip: Use this information to get a feel for how many tokens were needed for recent successful bids.)Splashpage showing successful CTP Member Spotlight bidders

5. Next you will see six spots where you can bid for one (or more) of the next six days. If there are already bids for these days then they will be shown. Note that the page also tells you when the bidding ends for the next day’s advert.Splashpage showing CTP Member Spotlight bidding area

6. Click “Make Bid” for the day(s) you would like your ad shown and you will see a box which looks like this:

Make A Bid box for CTP Member Spotlight

Under “Site” place the link for the URL you want people to visit when they click on your advert.

In the box marked “Bid” you will see that a suggested amount is already filled in. If you are happy with that press the blue “Bid” button at the bottom or if you want, you can change it to any value you choose, before pressing the “Bid” button.

7. If a member outbids you, your tokens will be returned to you and you will be informed that you have been outbid so that you can bid again! Whoever has the highest bid gets the Member Spotlight! It is as simple as that.

Click here to Bid on the Member Spotlight