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What Is Gamification All About?

At TimTech we use a number of elements, including gamification, in order to make the end user experience interesting and fun.

Gamification is simply introducing game-like components into the business environment so that the overall experience for the end user is better and more enjoyable.

Research has shown that for a site that uses gamification correctly:

* visitors will stay longer

* they will come back more often

* they are more likely to promote your affiliate products

* they are more likely to carry out the actions you want them to do and

* they are more likely to spend more money with you.

We understand gamification really well and through our regular training and interaction with our customers, we help other business owners use gamification in their own businesses so that they can benefit from the advantages listed above.

We also let our customers leverage some of the specific game-based elements in our traffic exchange programs and this is proving very popular.

If you want to know more then check out the link to a post on the subject which appears on the CTP Teams Blog –  Why TimTech Promos Are A Smart Business Move