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How To Send A Message To Your Entire CTP Team

There is a Team Message function within CTP’s internal private message system which will allow you communicate with your entire team at the press of a button.

Initially the PM system was a way for members to communicate with each other or with their downlines but it has now been updated to include direct communications between teams.

How To Find It

1. Log in to CTP and click on the blue “Messages” tab on the top of the home page and this will take you to the “Private Message” system within CTP.The Private message system in CTP

2. Click on “Send Message” tab and you are all set to go.

finding entire team on CTP PM system

How To Use It

1. Click on “Entire Team” so it is highlighted – it does not even matter if you don’t know the CTP user names of your team mates…the message you send will automatically go to everyone on your team.

Sending a message to your CTP Team 1

2. Leave the second box blank, enter the header (or subject line) of the message in the third box and write your message in the large box at the bottom.

Writing a message to your CTP Team in the CTP Private Message system

3. When you are happy with your message then just press “Send Message” button at the bottom of the screen and it will be automatically sent to all members of your team. (You can press “Preview Message” first if you like so that you can read it, and make any changes you require, before actually sending it out.)

Sending your message to your CTP Team members in CTP Private Message system