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Do I Have To Request My Commissions?

No because we pay you automatically. Please make sure your Paypal email address is added in your profile or account settings so that we can send you your commissions. We pay commissions out every Friday! No need to ask for your money. Commissions are mass paid out on Fridays when . . . Read more

Why Can’t I Delete My Design?

If you are a free member, there is no delete option since you are only allowed one design. Choose your one template carefully since you will not be allowed to change it later. Upgraded members have unlimited design availability including a delete option if so desired.

How Do I Add Video To My Pages?

Video is allowed on the “Squeeze Page” templates only. Choose a squeeze page template, click the edit tab, you will see a “Video Code” link on your designer. Add your video code in the form provided, position it on your page, finish the design and save it. Video will only . . . Read more

Where Is My Verification Email?

Verification emails are sent to the email address you enter when joining. Some email providers such as yahoo can take several minutes/hours to deliver email. Other email providers take it upon themselves to block all email unless you approve it. Be sure to white list our domain and check your . . . Read more

Can I Add A Subscribe Form To My Splash Pages?

Yes, but only by choosing one of the Squeeze Page templates. Choose your template, use the link labeled “Auto Responder” on the edit tab. Copy and paste your auto responder subscribe form code into the form. Position your form, complete your design and save. You will only see your subscribe . . . Read more

I Can’t Log In To My Account Area. What Could Be The Problem?

Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email you will have received when you signed up for your activation link). Make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly. Usernames are all lowercase letters, and Passwords are case-sensitive (uppercase and lowercase matter).