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Is There Any Walkthrough or Guide for Sweeva?

Yes there is! A great affiliate of ours, Sunny Suggs wrote a fabulous report that walks you through step by step in setting up Sweeva. It’s titled Sweeva Tips and it’s 100% free (upgrades available for rebranding if desired). In it you’ll also find a line up of people who . . . Read more

What are Levels, Ranks, and Experience Points?

You earn Experience Points for doing things on Sweeva like browsing, referring, etc. As you earn these points you’ll increase in level. Different levels will unlock new features on Sweeva for your account. Once you reach the top level you’ll have the option to Rank Up. This clears your points . . . Read more

What Are We Allowed To Talk About In Chat?

The chat is for talking about the site being displayed. You can’t use it to spam. If you are the owner of the site being displayed you are allowed to talk about your site and answer any questions Sweeva members might have about the site.

How Long Does It Take For My Bid To Be Accepted?

Bids are chosen about 20 minutes to 1 hour before being displayed. You’ll receive a notification with the time your site will be displayed. If your bid is too low, you’ll need to increase it to get accepted.

How Do I Earn Credits To Bid With?

  Viewing other websites on Sweeva (1 view = 1 credit) Referring members who view sites on Sweeva (10 views = 1 credit) Submitting websites people really like (you’ll get bonus credits if your thumbs UP are more than the thumbs DOWN when it is displayed) Purchasing credits is also . . . Read more

How Do I Submit A Website At Sweeva?

Once logged into the members area, go to the sites page to submit any websites you’d like to be shown on Sweeva. Next you’ll create a bid on the bids page. If your bid is the highest for the times you selected it will be shown.