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What Kind Of Site Do You Allow?

Very simple, no frame breakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no problem! YES, we do allow rotators and we recommend that I Love Hits users consider using a Trck.me rotator. This is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange user and owner. If your . . . Read more

Where Do I Find My ILH User ID?

ILoveHits is a little unusual in that you have both a Username and a User ID. It is the Username that you use to log into ILoveHits but sometimes you need the User ID too, for example it is the ILH User ID that is needed for some of the . . . Read more

Why Do I Get Logged Out When I Begin To Surf?

This is not something which may ever happen to you but if it does then these are some possible causes: 1. It may be due to a problem with cookies. Typically, surfing / login problems are associated with cookies. Make sure your browser and/or firewall are set to allow all . . . Read more

What Kind Of Sites Can I Advertise On ILH?

You can advertise almost anything you want in ILH but there are a few exceptions. We don’t allow framebreakers, hate sites, no viruses and no adult content. We do allow rotators and, in fact we actively encourage them. Why not check out trck.me which will allow you to manage your . . . Read more