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Can I Have More Than One CTP Account?

No. You are only allowed one CTP account per person. Opening multiple accounts is not allowed and if we detect that multiple accounts are being opened then we reserve the right to close all of your accounts without notice.

Does CTP Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes it does. Our Affiliate Program allows you to display ClickTrackProfit advertising on your site or in emails, and earn up to 50% commission on upgrades your downline makes, (10% commission for free members). CTP comes with a whole collection of professional marketing tools, so you can start promoting right . . . Read more

Do I Have To Pay To Be A Member Of CTP?

No you do not…but you might want to take advantage of a paid upgrade which will allow you to unlock many additional training modules with exclusive video content which free members are unable to access. Free members of CTP get access to the basic level of training. It is primarily . . . Read more

Training: What Does CTP Certified and CTP Expert Mean?

CTP certified When you successfully complete all the steps in the CTP certification module you can claim your own “CTP certified” certificate which is displayed on your “Achievements” page and which you can use in your online advertising to promote CTP. CTP expert Once you have completed your certification module . . . Read more

Training: What Does Drip Feed Mean?

This is our way of slowing you down so that you are not tempted to rush through the training. When we first launched CTP we found that many people were racing through the modules because they wanted to get it all done in the shortest possible time but this does . . . Read more