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What is CTP Teams and How Do I Get Involved?

CTP Teams has become one of the most popular features within CTP. It where members of CTP can join forces to form a team which competes with other teams on a weekly basis. It consists of two leagues – the Premier League and the Competitive League. There are ten teams . . . Read more

What Are CTP Experience Points (XP) Used For?

1. Personal Points You get Experience Points for using CTP and carrying out certain actions such as logging in, watching videos, completing training, surfing traffic exchanges, Nerd Surfing, collecting badges etc. As you gain more experience points you move up a new level within CTP and this is one way . . . Read more

What Is Nerd Surf All About? (Includes Video)

Nerd surf is a way of rewarding you with extra credits for surfing at least four of the ‘nerd surf’ traffic exchanges at the same time. Combine this with using CTP batteries and XP Batteries (see ‘What are CTP goodies?’ link below) to really boost the credits you earn while . . . Read more

What Are CTP Goodies?

Goodies are shown on your “goodies” page and are cool things you can buy with your CTP tokens. There are more goodies being added all the time so keep coming back to check out what you can get for your tokens. An example of CTP goodies are batteries which allow . . . Read more

What Are CTP Tokens?

These are the ‘currency’ within CTP and you can earn them by completing specific tasks, you can also win them or be gifted them by other CTP members and you can also buy tokens as well. If you go to the Goodies Page within CTP you will see how many . . . Read more

How Do I Contact My CTP Sponsor?

You may find that your immediate upline, or CTP sponsor, will introduce themselves to you when you join CTP but not all do. It is a good idea to take the initiative and introduce yourself to your CTP sponsor as that way they will know that you have joined and . . . Read more