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What Is The CTP Daily Challenge?

CTP Daily Challenge These special promos are for traffic exchange owners who already have incremental surf badges up and running. These are badges which are typically earned for surfing 50, 100, 250 pages etc and they can be claimed by members once a day. The Daily Challenge is a promotion . . . Read more

What Is The CTP Sub Game Promo?

 Subgame Promo   The Subgame Promo is similar to the Vault & Keys Promo and is very popular with traffic exchange owners who want to get lots of activity and new subscribers. The promo partners change on a daily basis and are shown on the front of CTP for the . . . Read more

What Is The CTP Vault And Keys Promo?

Vault & Key Promos In the beginning the Vault & Keys Promo was strictly in house only. It worked by allowing our members to collect keys as they surfed with the keys being used to unlock special vaults where prizes were stored. Each time a vault is opened the member . . . Read more

What Is The CTP Members Spotlight?

CTP Member Spotlight The daily CTP Member Spotlight allows your page to be seen by CTP members as soon as they log in to CTP Everyone who logs into CTP sees your page first and when they have viewed it then they can click a link to take them directly . . . Read more

What Are CTP Chat Ads?

These are text adverts which appear in the chat area of our traffic exchanges – StartXchange, ILoveHits, Sweeva, and ThumbVu chat? They appear a few times every hour so every member chatting sees your latest promotion. How It Works: 1. You bid for your advert to get seen in StartXchange, . . . Read more

What Is Gamification All About?

At TimTech we use a number of elements, including gamification, in order to make the end user experience interesting and fun. Gamification is simply introducing game-like components into the business environment so that the overall experience for the end user is better and more enjoyable. Research has shown that for . . . Read more

How To Send A Message To Your Entire CTP Team

There is a Team Message function within CTP’s internal private message system which will allow you communicate with your entire team at the press of a button. Initially the PM system was a way for members to communicate with each other or with their downlines but it has now been . . . Read more